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Apologetics, Catechisms, Children's Books, Inspirational Reading, Liturgy of the Hours, Papal Books, Prayer Books, Saint Books, Missals, Saint John Paul II, Joseph Ratzinger, etc.

New American Bible (NAB), Old Testament, New Testament, Leather Bound Bibles, Hardcover Bibles, Soft Cover Bibles, College Study Bibles, St. Joseph Bibles, New Jerusalem Bibles.

Catholic Music, Religious Music, Chant, Contemporary.

A wonderful selection of gifts for both girls and boys:  bibles, frames, gift sets, prayer books.

Dresses and suits for a child's First Holy Communion day!

Florentine Statue, Nativity Statue, Chalk Statue, Italian Hand-Painted Statue, Pearlized Statue, 15" Statue, 20" Statue, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Divine Mercy, St. Michael, Miraculous Medal.

Amethyst Rosaries, Deluxe Men's Rosary, Deluxe Women's Rosary, Ceramic Rosaries, Glass Rosary, Italian Rosary, Wood Beads, Glass Bead Rosary.

Gowns, Suits, Plaques, Crosses, Gift Sets, Children's Rosary, Children's Baptismal Gifts

Italian Wood Crucifix, Wall Crucifix, Hand-Painted Resin Crucifix, Plastic Crucifix, Latex Crucifix.

Beautiful chapel veils, infinity mantillas, locally-made

Coloring Books, Faith and Life Series, Teachers Manuals, Student Editions, Teachers Resource Binders.

Holy Water Fonts, Holy Family, Porcelain, Brass.

Multi-Dimensional Plaques, Cross Plaque, Franciscan Tau.

Ornate Frame, Wooden Framed Religious Art, Museum Framed Religious Art, Madonna, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Virgin and Child, Head of Christ.

Portable Mass Kits, Chausables, Stoles, Liturgical Books, Altar Books, Pyx, Leather Burse, Enamel Pyx, Pewter Pyx, Embroidered Chausable, Clergy Stoles.

Products pertaining to John Paul II.

Advent calendars, Advent Wreaths, Advent Candles

Featured Products

The Resurrection
The Resurrection
May 2015 Magnificat
May 2015 Magnificat
Magnificat: April/Holy Week 2015
Magnificat: April/Holy Week  2015
16" Walnut Bent Log Crucifix
Communion Veil
Communion Veil
Benedictines of Mary - "Easter at Ephesus"
Benedictines of Mary -
Risen Christ Statue 12"
Risen Christ Statue 12
Michael O’Brien - "Sounds of Medjugorje" The Collection
Michael O’Brien -
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